Snakes And Ladders

by Pick Your Side

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released October 10, 2012

Beckman - Vox
Jibay - Guitar
Bauers - Drums
Hibbs - Bass
Ansley - Guitar
Recorded by Marc Bourgon @ Most Expensive Studios in Cambridge, Ontario.



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Pick Your Side

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Track Name: Thru Veins
I told your to break your promise convinced you to lose your faith, took you from your world and placed you somewhere unsafe, I have told you many lies, I have crawled inside your mind, whispered the darkest answer, spread in you like a cancer, I am your weakest moment an influence that can't be erased, I am the most honest emotion that you've ever had to face, spreading thru your veins, straight to your heart, more lies @ 11 that will tear you apart.
Track Name: Bleeding Out
Picture your life as a knife fight and you just got stabbed in the guts, you're bleeding out and there's no doubt what you and your life were about. Your friends won't help you, enough is enough, your family turns their back, their trust starts to rust. Fucking low-life, bleeding out. No one cares, no one's there. No one's to blame, nothing's the same. Gasping for air and no one cares. Low-life, no end in sight, no life, can't get it right.
Track Name: This Is Not A Test
The siren screams inside my head, radiation we'll soon be dead, the leaders have fled to the underground, we can only assume no one will be left around, what a fucking mess, this is not a test, your eyes tell me what's true my friend and this appears to be the end, go out fighting or curl up and die, mass destruction acid rain from the sky, humanity has been put to rest, broadcasting everywhere this is not a test, this mess is not a test I can tell from the droning hum, and outside is violently quiet as we set our eyes on decimation, emergency broadcast coast to coast, letting us know that humanity is toast, this is the end as we know it humanity starts and dies in shit!
Track Name: Throne Of Privilege
Cast your judgement on everyone below, fix the world cause your the only one who knows, you're clearly on the outside looking in, in your throne of privilege you judge us in. So insightful, a fucking mouthful, you just don't get why we can't be the same, look down on us as we are to blame, point blame in protest in the words you sing your bullshit songs won't change a thing. So insightful, a useless mouthful, your shit filled knowledge, you learned in college, fuck you hypocrite, fuck your trust fund shit, grab a gun, take a stance, you want real change but you won't take a chance, don't want to lose your middle class existence, it's safer to judge us from your throne of privilege, change the world but not your self.
Track Name: But Wait!!
Ask yourself again and again, the sorrow and all the pain only to end up alone in the end ask yourself again and again, but wait there's more the struggle at the end, touched by times unforgiving hands it's the hourglass and you're the sand, slipping away, further away, then youth turns grey, time is no man's bitch, we all witness this, lying, dying, did we do all of the things we said? The bullshit we did, now being of the glorious dead, time is not on your side and it devours our lives.
Track Name: Snakes And Ladders
I never tried to climb to the top, I would've got lazy I would've stopped, but I watched the slime get fatter as they climbed the corporate ladder, TO THE TOP- a corp. fake! Sell your diginity to be greeted by snakes, to the top 'cause the bottom sucked & you don't care who got fucked, do this don't do that, they're the snakes and you're the rat, convice yourself this is what you need, climb your way to the filth and greed, I never tried to get to the top, I never started so I never stopped, you fought, tried so hard, clearly forgot who you are, NO DIGNITY, NO RESPECT, sweat it out with the snakes you met, I hope it was worth it, I hope you're proud of all the shitheads you sleep with now!