Let Me Show You How Democracy Works

by Pick Your Side

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  • A389 Records



released April 2, 2012

Beckman - Vox
Jibay - Guitar
Bauers - Drums
Hibbs - Bass
Ansley - Guitar



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Pick Your Side

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Track Name: Dark Future
What did you say? I don't care, I don't need your scam. What did you say? Go fuck yourself, go mold another man. Self taught, self loathing fear of our kind, your future promised is no future of mine! Go to work play the part, fuck it up, tear it apart. Blend in act it out, perfect product there is no doubt. Turn your back-we attack eyes wide open, we only see black. Dark future, your future is a lie. In a perfect future we would witness your demise!
Track Name: Plug-in Generation
Lying awake staring at nothing thinking about the crash that starts it all. Computers down, cell phone stops your life halts- you're the worthless plug-in generation. Now you're forced to deal with real people. Your social network doesn't mean a fucking thing. The grid is down, chaos ensues lost sheep- try to make sense of a world you no longer know. I can't fucking wait, system failure will be great! I'm smiling ear to ear, pray your end, technology, is near.
Track Name: More Cops More Crime
Seems like there are 50 million new cops, each as useless as the next. Fuck 'em all--human targets! We've been duped, lied to, told to just stand by. More cops on the street, more cops on the beat, there's more cops and now more crime? Fucking thugs in blue. Fucking pigs, what do we do? Fucking with me, fucking with you. Now I'm nervous walking my street. I miss the comforts that I once had. A couple of thugs are walking behind me,---they got a gun, shit they got a badge! Gonna question me for taking a walk, gonna beat my ass if I don't talk. All I see are these goddamn pigs. What's their job?? Handing out speeding tickets. Forget about the elder that just got robbed-- easy job for a fucking slob. Dickhead in blue, right now theyre fucking with me but soon it's gonna be you!
Track Name: Meltdown
Nuclear breakdown, your skin starts to melt. Can't remember how real life felt. No more starbucks, no more friends. No more denial, you can't pretend--leaking into the ocean, you can't escape the pain. Open wounds with dripping pus driving you insane. Price of progress, the end of life. Cold world depressing sight. But this is the life you asked for. Nuclear meltdown, this is the end. No god to save you, nothing to defend.
Track Name: How To Cope
I can't fucking sleep at night, stressed out for the next day. Anxiety has taken over my mind, eating me away. My nerves are shot and shakey, and the future is unclear. I see the end coming- and it's ugly and nuclear! But no more fucking worries I put it all behind. Live day to day keeps my fucking mind. Took me 20 years to realize life's a fucking joke. So fuck the world, fuck the future that's how I cope. Tell myself it's alright so I can sleep at night. Don't care no more, life's just too short. I'll do what makes me happy/keeps me fucking sane cos tomorrow might not come or it might be full of pain. That's how I'll cope, to avoid the end of a rope. Living day to day, tomorrow's a lifetime away. Got nothing to prove and nothing to lose and that's how I'll cope with life - in my own way, my own fucked up PMA, an ounce of hope and that's how I will fucking cope.
Track Name: Looking Back
I remember the fucking start, but not where it went wrong. Knowing what's in our hearts, not just a fucking song. But somewhere we lost our sight. Deciding what was wrong or right. Too many friends were lost for such an unworthy cause. Stupid politics and bullshit that all made no difference. If only I could turn back the clock and know exactly where to stop- If only I had a second chance would it have made a difference? Looking back I can't stop looking back. I feel the ghost and demons of everything we had.--- too young, too stupid, too many opinions. Pointless fights cause no one could win them. We can't change the past or what was said this won't bring back any friends fromt he dead. Dwelling on memories that fade to black, it's like they say you can never go back. Just tell yourself you can never go back, You'll lose your mind if you obsess with the past. - those days are gone and so am I -- And when I think about you it tears me in two, you'll never know, never have a clue.
Track Name: Paranoid Or Prepared?
Upon the pale horse they fucking ride, mowing us down as our children cry, rounding them up sent off to the camps. A slave nation is born. I.D. Micro-chipped and stamped -- their plan might work if we don't fight back. If we're not ready they will attack. You think I am crazy, I think you're fucked -- paranoid or prepared, test your luck. This is your life, your freedom, your health. We all know history will repeat itself. Is it absurd to think shit can fall apart, when we have nothing left except our anger and our heart. You call me paranoid, well I call you scared. Call me fucking crazy but am I paranoid or prepared?
Track Name: This Too Shall Pass
Depression and darkness talk of horrible times ahead and this too shall pass. Only bad news we see filth and lies on T.V. uncertainty and chaos, our common sense is lost. But this too shall pass, this bullshit can't last, here we go again, we've been here before. History repeats itself, and we'll servive once more - I see the light straight ahead, we follow it or end up dead. Fuck them, we'll take it back. They can keep us down but we'll attack. The shit trickles down from above and in the end push comes to shove. We may lose or kick their ass, but all I know is this too shall pass!
Track Name: My Troubles
Chasing oxys with cold black coffee. Yeah you got problems but who the fuck don't? ten beers in let the party begin, the buzz disappears but the fucking pain won't - I can't deal with all these issues my mind's about to melt, wish I could just go back to the feeling I once felt. - I lost the innocence of the child I was, now I'm miserable and crude. 20 years of disappointments and nothing else is new - I'm tired of the day light I'm tired of waking up. Everyday's another carbon copy of the last one that was dealt - wishing for something new to happen break this fucking mold. Wishing for all my troubles to just unfold. My troubles, my dark days, sanity seems so far away. My troubles, my troubles.... my troubles.
Track Name: Ham Sandwich/Doomsday Demise

Once again we find ourselves held hostage by race, not questioning what's underneath confusing skin for religion, silenced by the fear of being called a biggot. well fuck that, call me what you like - fuck your prophet Mohammed and bullshit Sharia Law, fuck your religion and your insane views on life. So now you can behead me, your religion is a joke and unlike christianity you have even more insanity which means we need to eradicate you both. The world would be a better place without you fanatics, without any religion of any sort......Amen


The sun it rises and it sets, no bullshit religion is gonna change that. We are the blink of an eye, so what if we fucking die! Century by century these myths begin to rise, warning- predicting- falsifying our demise! Doomsday, hearsay, paranoid sadist, rhetoric of the modern day fucked up evangelist, prophet after prophet what do they know? If we listened to them we would have been dead 300 years ago fuck your words they're only words your insight is a delusion. you couldn't tell us what happened yesterday let alone humanities future - fuck your doomsday surmise, fuck your book of lies, fuck your doomsday demise.
Track Name: It Could Be Better....
Kick in my door, search the fucking place, hand cuff me down, justify your case you say it could be worse, we still have freedom of speech, that's fucking bullshit. that dream is dead and out of reach. When they come knocking and take us away, "well - it could be worse!" is that what your gonna say?? Is that what you'really ?? violation- it's a hard lesson, where there is government there is oppression. just because it could be worse doesn't mean it shouldn't be better, cause life can always be better.... life should be better.
Track Name: Matter Of Time
This system's built on lies and shit, live in fear be subservient. Kiss their ass - do their deeds, submissive masses who just agree/the rich are getting richer, callous and fat. The poor grow in numbers, soon it will collapse. from the top I am sure it all looks fine but the bottoms errupting- it's a matter of time. We're starting to wander from our kept line it's about to explode it seems like it's a matter of time//// it's chaos, it's justice the poor are at war and the rich don't know what the fuck they're in for!!! We work out lives, we're running out of time, it seems like it never end and I never have a dime, but the rich seem just fine and now we have been pushed over the line.
Track Name: New War
Monetary slaves/shackled and bound, string us up and cut us down lead us on and fuck us around, break the chains - don't consume free the slave inside of you/exist, resist, don't buy in- prepare yourself for when the war begins. Complete control - they bought our souls and now we are sold. Class war-- the new vision -- holy war -- the new religion, race war-- just give in. consume in war, obey in war, die in war.... watch us lose in horror!
Track Name: It's All Your Fault
You and your family are responsible for this worlds end, global warming off shore drilling, rain forest clear cutting, accept the guilt for your fucking crime - you don't believe us it's all the same, our corparate lawyers say your to blame, corporations are off the hook, your at fault--- just take a look. accept the fucking guilt of the blood you've spilt, cause everything we've done has been for you, we've been making billions so you can live too. So now the world's burning and someone has to pay and it won't be the profiteers cause thats not the american way, so your the one who's gonna suffer, gonna have to pay. it's your demand to survive thats eating this world away. B.P. is innocent!!! and you're not, billions in profits and you're at fault, it's all your fault.
Track Name: No Good Will Come From This/2 Headed Snake

Bullshit! They are feeding us bullshit, we're choking on feces, but it's for our own good, we need help to make the right choices. We need them, or we don't survive. New laws are made to take away our freedom but it's so we don't get hurt, cause we're just idiots stumbling along and the government always puts us first, right? What new shit will they ban to keep us safe, what laws will they pass to put us away, what lie will they feed us to make us submit, broadcasting paranoid lies that are full of shit! shit! We do not need this shit, no good can come from this We don't need the government shit!!!!


You're not what I thought you were, but I know what you are. It's just so fucking hard to tell with all the bullshit stories that you sell. A 2 headed snake spitting lies, nobody knows your real side. No one knows what you are--- but I do. A lie spitting parasite-- no one needs you. believe these words-- no one needs you!!
Track Name: Right Turn
A drastic change, I flipped the switch, sick and tired of this hand holding bullshit. I never thought it would come to this a placebo system and you know it. But I am done and I am turning right, locked and loaded I'm ready to fight stepped on pissed on about to snap, there will be no going back. This life's a game and whose to blame if you can't fucking make it??? Cause there is no other choice you have no fucking voice and no one needs you to survive this!! It's a needed change for a baby sat nation, force fed guilt brought us to this situation, time to stand up and be really free, time to live up to don't tread on me! don't read on me! I don't need this government, I don't need you, I don't want to help out the countless fools, forced into this way of life, forced to rely on the very motherfuckers who'd rather see us die. So fuck the poor and fuck the rich. Fuck this system it don't mean shit! survive, survive can you survive, I'm watching out for my life and what's mine!!